15 Embarrassing Trends We All Fell Victim To

Over the decades trends have came and gone, and some lasted longer than they should have. I know I fell victim to a few on the list and im sure all of us have. There were just some things you had to have in order to fit in. Looking back I wish I was just an outsider. [via knucklesunited]

15. Lines in your hair

14. Overalls

13. Starter Jackets

12. Parachute Pants (Hammer Pants)

11. Over Sized Scrunchies

10. Tight Rolled Pants

9. Saggy Pants

8. Chain Wallets

7. Teased Hair (Perms)

6. Fanny Packs

5. Slap Bracelets

4. Swatches

3. Rat Tail

2. Eastland Shoes (Pigtail Shoelaces)

1. Crocs

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