Ten of the World's Strangest Social Networks

If you crave advice on sculpting the perfect mustache, revel in the dark and mysterious world of vampires or seek a divorce from your partner, yes, there's a social network for that. Here are 10 weird and truly niche social networking sites that strive to bring together some unusual birds of a feather. [via networkworld]

1. StachePassions.com

Tom Selleck, no doubt, would be a fan. StachePassions.com is a social networking site for those fond of mustaches. You can browse Mustache Groups to find members by their preferred 'stache style, including the Dali, Walrus and Pencil, or by their experience level: newbie, expert or Stache Groupie. Also featured on the site: "Stache chat," message boards and e-mail. Gilette is definitely not a sponsor.

2. VampireFreaks.com

Think "MySpace for hemo-gobblers." This site boasts a surprising 2.2 million members and targets those with a fascination (or is it obsession?) for all things gothic. Users create profiles and can peruse info on top Metal bands (Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, Dealthloff), "rate" other users, join "cults" (i.e. interest groups such as "Emo Hair," "Twilight" and "Marilyn Manson") and participate in chat rooms.

3. ZiiTrend.com

Calling all clairvoyants! Zii Trend is a social prediction community in which users predict future events and trends. The site is based on the theory that aggregation of information in groups results in decisions that are often better than those that could have been made by any single member of the group. Here, users weigh in on such questions as "When will Madonna announce retirement?" and "Will there be a World War III before 2050?" Maybe these folks can figure out what will happen on "Lost" at the end of the season.

4. Eons.com

As the name suggests, Eons is a social networking site for, well, folks "in their prime," or more specifically, Boomers. Much like Facebook, users build a profile, join groups, share photos and videos and play games "to keep your mind sharp." One feature on Eons that you probably won't find on Facebook: a "longevity calculator" that determines your life expectancy and offers personalized advice for "living longer and healthier."

5. LineForHeaven.com

If you're looking to get in good with The Big Guy Upstairs, consider Line for Heaven. Here, you earn karma points by "blessing" people, which helps to save your soul and reserve a place in heaven (spots are awarded on Judgement Day, every Sunday). Amen to that.

6. MatchADream.com

Match a Dream is a haven for people who want to discuss their nightly dreams, decipher their meanings and discover others who share similar ones. You can search a growing database based on the type of dream (scary, happy, sexy, sad, weird), whether it's a recurring dream and the time period in which another user posted a similar dream. Another feature is the "dream circle"—a group of friends you invite with whom you can monitor your dreams and theirs.

7. IntellectConnect.com

If you're spending sleepless nights debating the Pythagorean theorem or calculating the molecular makeup of your sofa, connect with other likeminded brainiacs at Intellect Connect where you can "embrace your inner geek and someone else's, too."

8. Divorce360.com

Do all your exes live in Texas? Divorce360.com may be the place for you. In fact, once the honeymoon phase is over, here's a site that half of married Americans may find useful. The site offers advice for people contemplating, going through and recovering from divorce, and provides tools such as checklists to determine if your marriage is headed south and calculators to determine how much debt you'll be in (and how to recover from it).

9. RedKaraoke.com

Think "Online Idol": At Red Karaoke you can connect with others who just can't get enough of belting out "Journey" ballads at the bar. Red Karaoke says their site strives to "provide users with the necessary tools and contents to develop their hobby and have fun with it, as well as open a new possibility for promotion for professional singers." Just keep the mute button handy.

10. Ncludr.com

Welcome to the social network where everyone is your friend! Ncludr, a tongue-in-cheek site, boldly states that, "You'll never be rejected. Everyone will love you. You're thin and fabulous." To complete your profile (or rather, Ncludr uses their "patented, synchronized, algoarithmic Personal Profile Generator") simply answer three questions, including: "If two apples fall from the window of a six story building, with a wind speed of 10 MPH in the middle of winter, and one of the apples has a bite out of it, which of the apples will fall first?"

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