New website aims to review everything: Companies, People, Products, Services

Where do you go to get reviews on products you're considering to buy? The retailer’s website? Consumer Reports? Word of mouth?

If you’re like me, I have to find real feedback about a certain product before I consider buying it. I search all over the net for opinions on things I am looking to buy and I find it takes a lot of scanning to find honest and fair reviews. Sure you could read consumer reports, but I am not looking for editor reviews, or sponsored reviews, I am looking for real experiences people have had with stuff they have bought. One such website looks to fill that void. Enter Voxole. A new website geared towards word of mouth reviews of anything in this world, including you and me.

Voxole is structured like a social community where you have your own profile and connect with friends, but Voxole's main purpose is to review products, companies, people, services - you name it, Voxole looks for you to review it. Voxole's website is comfortably similar to you because it has features like leaving a status update, but it’s meant for telling your friends what you’re thinking about buying rather than what you’re feeling or doing at the moment. Friends can "like" your opinions and you can earn karma points (which for Voxole’s users are in the form of karate belt colors) for being a trusted reviewer.

The neat thing I find cool is that you can review anything, including your boyfriend, girlfriend, actors, athletes, companies as a whole and any product ever invented. There is also a section where you can input reviews for (RED) products and GREEN environmentally friendly products.

Voxole has a Digg like feel where you the people have all the control in deciding which products are voted as the best out there to buy. Upon reviewing a product, you are asked to "Cool it" or "Burn it" to quickly identify the product as something worth buying. Cool it meaning this product is cool, great and worth buying, and Burn it means the product is horrible and is not worth buying so don't waste your money.

If you’re frustrated with companies making bad products or you simply want share your opinion about just about anything I'd check out Voxole.

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