50 Heart-Stopping Hamburgers (Pictures)

Death by hamburgers? Most likely. If you ate every single one of these delicious looking hamburgers, you’d definitely be bound for a cardiac arrest. We hope you die happy!

heart stopping hamburgers forkparty

Big thanks to This Is Why You’re Fat — an awesomely obscure food picture blog.

peanut butter hamburger

mega cheeseburger and fries

double double cheeseburger

mega blt

awesome toasted cheeseburger

steak burger

peanut butter burger

huge hero burger

tower burger bacon

gross hamburger fried

burger baked into bun

largest hamburger in the world

huge burger stack

the cannibal burger

taco burger

onion ring burger

huge cheeseburger

jelly donut hamburger

double decker hero burger

bacon and egger hamburger

Check out the rest over at ForkParty.com

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