20 Funny Apple Product Knock-Offs

Apple products are in my opinion far above in quality than anything else on the market. They constantly come out with products that change the industry they’re in. Look at the splash the iPhone and the App store has made in only 3 years time. You can’t walk down the street with out seeing an iPhone in someone’s hand or bag. It’s amazing how strong the bonds between Apples’ customers and the company truly are. [via threestyles]

Apple has become so popular and their branding is so strong that manufacturing Apple Knock-off products is a Million dollar industry. If you travel around the world you will see all kinds of Apple knock-offs from iPods to iPhones, Macbooks, and even Shuffles. Here are a few Apple knock-offs for your viewing pleasure.

The Knock-offs

This is pretty close to the iPhone but has an extended bottom portion near the home button.

This is a crazy looking Macbook knock off. You better take a second glance at this one.

This iPhone knock off got almost everything right, but the home button is completely different.

This nano was done well except for the big on/off button at the top. The print and logo on the back of it are pretty close.

I actually think this is a cool shuffle concept.

This is obviously way off, but I’m sure it would fool my grandmother.

This nano knock-off looks very mysterious… not even sure how you would navigate its UI.

Looks like a bad version of the iPod Mini…

Pretty close to the original iPod nano except the button graphics are a little off.

Now where did they get this design idea from?

This one is called the iFone, and iPhone with buttons and a stylus.

Another knock-off of the gen 1 iPod nano.

This manufacturer took a little more time to even include nice packaging.

This is an actual computer made by HP which is a horrible knock-off of the new unibodies.

Awesome! Gotta love the fat nano.

Shuffle rip off with a screen!

Seriously? What a great looking UI…

The long awaited iPhone Nano!!!!

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