10 Fictional Companies I’d Like to Work For

Jobs. We all have ‘em. Most of us hate ‘em. Why can’t all jobs be like those on television or in the movies? If given the choice, here are my top picks for the best fictional places to work. Hey, anyone can dream, right? [via daily]

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company

Paper company from ‘The Office’.

Why it would be great:
Well for one thing, Michael Scott would be your boss. I wouldn’t necessarily call him the best boss ever, but he’s pretty clueless, so you could get away with doing next to nothing and still keep your job. Also you would be entertained with constant shenanigans courtesy of Dwight Shrute and Andy Bernard.

Central Perk

Fictional coffee house on ‘Friends’.

Why it would be great:
Have you ever seen a customer in the place that wasn’t good looking? Me neither. ‘Nuff said.

Wayne Enterprises

Company owned by Bruce Wayne in the Batman franchise.

Why it would be great:
You would be working for BATMAN! How sweet would that be? You would get to work around the latest and greatest breakthroughs in technology, and you would probably be pretty rich.

The Lunch Box

Restaurant on ‘Roseanne’. It specializes in loose meat sandwiches.

Why it would be great:
Roseanne and Jackie would be your bosses. Granted, this could be annoying at times, but you would get all the latest gossip in Lanford, and you could have all the loose meat sandwiches you could ever want (as long as Rosie didn’t get them first). Plus, hello, look at the cool guest stars on that show! Imagine all the people you would get to meet!

Stark Industries

Stark Industries is a multi-billion dollar business under Tony Stark, better known to comic/film fans as ‘Iron Man’.

Why it would be great:
The ridiculous technology, of course. It might result in severe personal injury or worse, but a chance to wreak havoc in the ‘Iron Man’ armor would be too much to pass up.

Sheinhardt Wig Company

Wig company on ‘30 Rock’ that owns NBC and GE.

Why it would be great:
Well first of all, you would get to meet all the awesome peeps that work for NBC. There are oodles of shows that tape in 30 Rockerfeller Center, so there would be no shortage of celebrity sightings. You would get to work alongside Liz Lemon, which would be awesomely funny (as long as you don’t steal her sandwich)! So what if your company turned some kids orange? The pros outweigh the cons on this one.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

The organization in which antagonists thrive in ‘The Venture Brothers’

Why it would be great:
Aside from the kick ass moniker, The Guild of Calamitous Intent is led by none other than David Bowie as The Sovereign. With plenty of opportunity for growth from mere henchman to full fledged villain and beyond, there is no place to serve you villainous needs quite like The Guild.

Wonka Industries

Chocolate Factory operated by the eccentric Willy Wonka

Why it would be great:
Chocolate rivers? Sign me up!


Restaurant/bar featured in the series ‘True Blood’

Why it would be great:
You would get to hang out with the supernatural (vampires, werewolves, faeries). Also, everyone in that town is hot. Sure, there’s a small chance you could get murdered, but then again, you might become a vampire in the process, which would be damn cool.

Bluth Company

Construction company on ‘Arrested Development’

Why it would be great:
Um, no one works here! If something needs to be done, Michael will do it. Chances are, he will not rely on you. If Gob can get a paycheck, anyone can. You would also get to witness his sweet ass (not really) magic tricks.

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