10 Awesome Game Show Answer Fails [vid]

Game Shows are the most awesome time-waster ever invented. They're on all the time, and the contestants are usually just normal people like you and me, only slightly dumber because a host in a fancy haircut is flashing money in front of them. Whenever you put dumb people on television who aren't used to being on television, hilarity is bound to ensue. Here are some of the best hilarious Game Show moments ever: [via holytaco]

He's Getting Dates, Just the Wrong Kind
It seems like Bob Fagot just can't catch a break, but things are actually looking up for him since he had his name legally changed. It used to be Assrape McDicksucker. That's right, ladies: he's Irish.
Old Mario vs. Ghetto Ghandi
A friend of mine once saw Drew Carrey sitting in a Denny's by himself at 2 in the morning crying into his hands. That's more interesting than this clip.
Anything in Space is a Planet, Right?
It's a good thing she made all that money selling Pine-Sol, because this woman is dumber than the planet Moon.
This Man is Completely Stupid
Like a lot of people, I try really, really hard not to be racist, but watching Family Feud is like watching stereotypes emerge from the womb.
College Makes You An Idiot
There are two colleges in Nashville, Tennessee: Vanderbilt University, and the Nashville Auto/Diesel College. I'm guessing this guy doesn't go to Vanderbilt.
Fauxhawks Make You Racist
To add insult to injury, this little racist kid gets pwned by the yellow kid he's up against. That's harsh.
I Would Buy a Self-Potato, Just To See What It Does
After she missed that question, she promptly removed her happy eyes from her face and switched them out with the angry eyes she had stored in her ass compartment.
The Shortest Stupid Answer Ever
She got robbed! Behold: The Chipmunk Bird!
How Do You Spell "Eksclusive"?
She should've spent less time watching G.I. Jane and more time reading something. Anything. Menus, billboards, whatever. Anything with a f*cking "X" in it. She could've won that 10K and had a shopping spree at the PX. Well, she knows it as the PK.
How to Shout "Penis!" On Television
C'mon. You're telling me you wouldn't have shouted "Penis"? Even if you lose the game, you're still gonna get some of that Family Feud groupie tail after the show. I don't care if he missed the question, this guy's a total winner.
Also, there's this, which is kind of weird:

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