Wal-Martians: Odd pics from walmart shoppers

Does the supply ever run out???

I have a full head of hair, but I want people to think that I’m bald. So I dyed the top of my head like a bad toupee. Perfect. Nailed it perfectly.

Is anyone else absolutely shocked that there would be wrestling outside of a Wal-Mart? I guess the parking lot wasn’t big enough for a NASCAR event.

How do you say “Miss, your camel toe just spit on my shoes” in Nerdy?

Be still, my heart!

It looks like a black hole sucking in everything around it.

Not at any time of day, any day, any week, any month, or any year, has this outfit ever been a good idea.

I like skulls. I like wearing skulls. I like killing animals and gluing their skulls onto my hats. I’ll probably never get laid.

Looks like someone needs a little sensitivity training.

I didn’t know Siegfried and Roy shopped Walmart! (Nice mullet in progress on the kid.)

Gay look completed by the frilly pink socks.

Those shorts could not get any tighter or shorter. I can see his sperm count dropping. I gotta stop dropping acid.

“Can you make it look like a raccoon’s on my head?”

Nothing oozes class like this outfit.

At least the suspenders seem to be holding.

I’d be licking my lips too if I was lucky enough to be that close to this guy’s junk.

As a male, the first thing that comes to my mind is “awesome”. But believe it or not, some people might find this inappropriate attire for shopping online—let alone in public.

Taking a break from the Big Top. (Must’ve come over with Sigfried and Roy.)

Hot pink is not a ’slimming’ color, especially if it is cutting off circulation to the rest of your body. The blue shoes are a nice offset aren’t they?. If you look closely, you can see that I hope is underwear crammed up in there. (Didn’t want you to miss that.)

Cabbage Patch Man comes complete with a birth certificate, application for adoption. Each sold separately.

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