The Super Bowl Cheat Sheet: which ad airs when

[via adland] First, we have not received confirmation yet from Google as to whether they are running Parisian Love in the super bowl, third quarter. It's this years dark horse rumor, due to this tweet from Eric Schmidt maybe it will, maybe it won't. Not a bombastic ad by any means, but it's a nice one, however it does break the superbowlian tradition since it's been aired before. Second the spoiler post hasn't been updated since Friday but if you want to read more about each ad, that's the place to be. This is simply a cheat-sheet, with links to the ads we have already published.

See, for your bathroom planning, I decided to make a cheat sheet in order of who airs their ad when, and how long each ad is so you don't miss a sixty. Inside. The only set order is which quarter they air in, we don't know the order within that.

1st quarter

Bud Light: 30 sec - Dude builds a whole house out of beer cans.
Hyundai's Sonata : 30 sec - "Paint"
Boost Mobile : 30 sec - Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle parody.
Bridgestone: 30 sec - A "Whale of a tale"
Bud Light: 30 sec - Asteroid attack, astronomers drink bud.
Coca-Cola: 60 sec - Coca Cola can even bring Happiness to Mr Burns from the Simpsons
Bud Light: 30 sec - Guys' voices take on a strange tone.
Doritos : 30 sec - Crash the Superbowl contest winner.
Doritos: 30 sec : Second place in Crash the superbowl airs
Doritos: 30 sec - Third place in Crash the superbowl airs.
Focus on the Family: 30 sec : Tim Tebow and his mother Pam don't say the word "abortion" 30 sec: Danica Patrick gets a backrub. Dweebs drool.
Mars' Snickers : 30 sec - Betty White and Abe Vigoda play football.
Monster Worldwide 30 sec - That beaver and his fiddle.

2nd quarter - 60 sec Timothy Richman from DDB.
Budweiser 60 sec - Teamwork saves beer truck
Bud Light 45 sec - Castaways
CareerBuilder 30 sec :One of the winners from hire my TV ad
Dockers 30 sec: Men prancing about in their skivvies singing "I wear no pants"
Dr Pepper Cherry 30 sec: Kiss and mini tribute Kiss band sing "Calling Dr. Love."
FLO TV 30 sec: Remixed TV to the tune of remixed My generation
Hyundai 30 sec: Brett Favre in ten years.
Papa John's : 30 sec - Founder John Schnatter delivers pizza.
Teleflora : 30 sec - Don Rickles is the voince of some sad looking tulips.
TruTV : 30 sec - Groundhog Day with Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu.
Viacom's Paramount Pictures - Shutter Island.
Walt Disney Pictures - Alice in Wonderland

Half time show

Universal Orlando 30 sec: Harry Potter The Wizarding World at Universal Orlando opens this spring
FLO TV 30 sec: Guy goes shopping with girlfriend, while sports commentator Jim Nantz gives us a play-by-play

3rd quarter

Walt Disney Pictures 30 sec - Prince of Persia
Volkswagen 30 sec: "Punch Dub" is played instead of "Punch Buggy"
U.S. Census Bureau 30 sec: Ed Begley Jr. is trying to arrange 300 million people in the movie "snapshot of america". To get an idea of the ad, check the pre-production meeting.
Denny's 30 sec: (Muppet) Chickens will have to work hard to supply eggs for the free Grand Slam breakfast on Tuesday (PETA are not amused)
Motorola 30 second: The teaser showed a bubblebath. The release claims a nude celebrity. What the ad proclaiming the power of "motoblur" is still a total secret.
NFL 60 seconds: The best fans on the planet
Kia's Sorento 60 sec: A sock monkey and various warped childhood icons take the Kia for a dreamlike joyride. It's gonna be awesome.
KGB 30 sec- Two skiny guys wrestle their way out of sumo wrestling, one with KGB the other with search.
HomeAway 30 sec: Spoof of National Lampoon's Vacation
E-Trade 30 sec: The talking baby explains to his baby girlfriend why he hasn't called.
Coca-Cola 60 sec: A sleepwalker manages to get through some rough terrain and gets cold Coke.
Bridgestone 30 sec: "Your tyres or your life" - in the future wet planet, tyres are very important.
Michelob Ultra 30 sec: Ultra fits life of Lance Armstrong.
Select 55 15 sec: World's lightest beer has only 55 calories.

4th quarter

Anheuser-Busch 60 sec: The Clydesdale spot! Showing "Clydesdale friend".
Audi A3 TDI 60 second: The Green Police (set to Cheap Tricks song)
Denny's 15 sec: FREE BREAKFAST if it's your birthday
Diamond Foods 30 sec: The Double barrelled ad for both Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret popcorn treats.
Electronic Arts 30 sec: Go to hell / Hell awaits 30 sec: Too hot for TV / News Interview
Honda Accord Crosstour 30 sec: The animated funky Squirrel
Vizio 60 sec: Superstar Beyoncé makes her debut as Vizio spokewoman

Dark Horses

When will these air? We'll find out in a few hours. :)

Intel 30 sec: Engineer upsets a robot by boasting about how the new intel is smarter
Dodge - we don't know how long it is, nor when it airs.
Google - Rumor has it that Parisian Love will air, but nobody has confirmed this to us.
Dove Mens Care - 30 seconds - from birth to man, including first kiss.
Another Universal Pictures trailer, but we don't know which one.
Skechers 2 * 15 sec : Joe Montana and consumer testimonials about the Shape-Ups athletic shoe.

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