The 25 Worst Infomercials Ever, Pure Gold Here

Infomercials captivate. That’s their job. If they hold your attention long enough, you might find yourself picking up the phone and ordering that tomato peeler, talking dog collar, or remote-controlled bathroom caddy. [via businesspundit]

Yet some infomercials leave you scratching your head in amazement. Are they really trying to sell this stuff? We collected 25 of the worst-ever infomercials, for your viewing pleasure.

25. The Shake Weight for Men

If you hate working out for hours at the gym, the Shake Weight for Men can get you, um, ripped in just 6 minutes a day.

24. The Potty Putter

There’s no place like the toilet to become a better golfer.

23. Flea Market Montgomery

Flea Market Montgomery is so much like a mini-mall that they created a rap about it.

22. Stretch Tubing

An innocent enough infomercial, until the exercise tube bites back.

21. Slap Chop

Vince Offer, otherwise known as the ShamWow! guy, is brilliant in this infomercial. “You’re gonna love my nuts…”

20. Get a Grip

I can see how this product is actually useful. But the infomercial deserves a cheeziness award for the slip at the beginning.

19. Richard Simmons

Men shake their booties in this Richard Simmons infomercial. Simmons is, as always, wearing disconcertingly short shorts.

18. Wearable Towel

Why not a robe? Oh right, they slip.

17. Extenze

Scientifically proven to increase the size of a certain part of the male body.

16. Car Credit Superstore

What makes this generic infomercial horrible is the singing at the beginning. “If you need help with a loan, baby just pick up the phone…”

15. Booty Pop

Sexy curves and the ultimate lift for your girl-booty. Perkalicious.

14. Windows 7 Party

It’s Friday night. You’ve had a long week at work. How about hosting a Windows 7 party?

13. The MagneScribe

Tired of dropping pens? The MagneScribe offers you a simple, stylish solution: Just wear one around your neck.

12. Loud & Clear

How about a personal sound amplifier for your inner eavesdropping pervert…er, ear? It even looks like a Bluetooth.

11. The Double Chin Toner

Look like you’re stabbing yourself in the throat for a firmer, younger jawline.

10. Kush: A Natural Rest for the Breast

Proper alignment for those pesky boobs. And, yes, it’s $55.

9. The Gazelle

Tony Little shows off his good piece of equipment.

8. The Snuggie

This blanket with sleeves is now a gag classic.

7. The Butt Sculpter

If you need a little pick-me-up, why not try this humptastic exercise device? (Note: This video doesn’t have audio.)

6. The Nads Bearded Lady

This woman’s pre-Nads beard and mustache makes you forget everything else in this infomercial.

5. Comfort Wipe

Extend your toilet wiping arm a full 18 inches in this first toilet paper improvement since the 1880s.

4. Great Looking Hair

Why use Rogaine when you can graffiti out your baldness with a spray?

3. The Tiddy Bear

Finally, a way to prevent seatbelt burn on your chest.

2. UroClub

Have problems controlling your bladder on the golf course? The UroClub is designed so that you can discreetly pee into the handle.

1. Hawaii Chair

Take the work out of your workout by swivelling your butt around on this bizarre chair. As seen on Ellen.

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