The Creepiest, Strangest and Most Depressing TV Commercials (Vid)

If you're like me, you've been barraged by some pretty bizarre TV commercials these past holiday seasons. [via urlesque]

The unfortunate realities of a fracturing media market and a global recession have spurred companies toward weirder and weirder ads, all in an effort to get the attention of the last slack-jawed TV viewers. Creepy sexual subtext? You betcha. Bizarro demonic figures? Fine. Stomping on the graves of beloved artists? It's a go.

After the break, check out some of the creepiest, strangest and most depressing TV commercials of the past few years.

Old Spice Centaur

As Dan Savage has pointed out, this ad is probably giving rise to a whole generation of centaur fetishists. What it is not doing is making anyone want to buy Old Spice.

Xbox Lobotomy

Thanks Microsoft, you're really making things easy for kids with parents who tell them: "video games will rot your brain."

Burger King Stalker

The last thing I'd care to wake up to in the morning is a garish masked man bearing processed breakfast meats.

Sprite Mutant

Many gainfully employed people thought this would make you more likely to drink Sprite. Just think about that for a second.

The Unpunniest Pun

It's been said that the pun is the lowest form of whit. It's also been said that this is the worst pun in the history of TV commercials. Draw your own conclusions.

Sexual Predator Sandwich

Mm mm, it's sexual-assault-a-rific!


I 100% agree with the message and it's still unbelievably creepy to watch zombie JFK proselytize.

All You Need Is Luvs

Quick, get to John Lennon's grave. His spinning corpse should be able to generate enough energy to power the US for a year.

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