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Way back when I was around the age to start thinking about College I already knew what school I wanted to go to. I always had a desire to go to art school and knew I would end up graduating from one. I have know so many people who were undecided about where they wanted to go and what they wanted to learn to be successful later down the road.

Friends of mine always asked me what they thought about this college and that college and I asked them back…How on earth would I know? You see, the internet wasn’t around back then to do the research and compare schools and read comments and reviews from everyday normal people. You had to rely on the word of people you knew and the experience you got when visiting the campus. Now we live in an age where online schooling has become commonplace and we need to make the right decision to which online school can offer the most for us while in our pj's.

On this blog I have a user submit button to which you can submit sites or resources that you find my readers might enjoy. I recently received such a website that I think would help out the next generation of students find the right college. I found this site, a useful and well designed resource for Online College Reviews.

As I stated before there was no such thing as online collages or the internet for that matter when I was going through the process. So I found the resources tab useful as it’s a helpful in getting started, finding financial aid, accreditation and tips and tricks to getting your Online degree.

Their website has everything you need to make a educated decision from a full list of Online Colleges categorized per subject or field or simply by the most popular online schools available. If you are headed back to school, or going to college for the first time check out the site and let me know what you think.

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