Top 5 Food Shortage Nightmares

[via houstonpress] Simultaneous shortages in Libby's canned pumpkins and Eggo waffles in the last week have led to some puzzling moments of hysteria. The situation got us thinking about which foods we'd totally freak out about if, suddenly, we couldn't get them.

5. Peanut Butter - The salmonella scare was almost a year ago, but that doesn't stop me from buying the double pack of Jif every time supplies run low. Without it, school lunches and midnight snacks would be one unending stream of pre-packaged deli meat. Bleh.

4. Potatoes - If you thought the Irish had a hard time without them, imagine a world where frozen spud supplies are dwindling. I already feel like going 187 when the shake machine is out. If McDonalds ever ran out of fries, anarchy would surely follow.

3. Riboflavin - Although I don't really know or care what Riboflavin is, I'm pretty sure they can't make cereal without it. Imagining our favorite grocery store aisle empty makes our inner child weep.

blue bell.JPG
2. Blue Bell - Texan ex-pats have been known to have the stuff packed in dry ice and shipped; it's no surprise we can't live without our Blue Bell. That "eat all we can and sell the rest" attitude is real cute until there's not enough to go around.

1. Bacon - The chronic desire for bacon needs no explanation. Even the mention of a bacon scarcity is enough to incite terror and activate hoarding tendencies in the most restrained of addicts.

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