Robbery Fail: 20 of the World's Worst Robbers Caught on Tape

Some robbers are clearly in the wrong line of business... [via criminaljusticeschools]

Armed robber rule #1: never put down your gun:

Robber ends up giving clerk HIS money:

Least persistent robber ever:

When you rob a security camera store, expect to get caught on tape...25 times:

What's more disturbing: a 12-year-old robber or the fact that he tried to rob a police station?

If you wear a sack on your head, don't forget the eye holes:

Man fills out job application -- with his real information -- before robbing store:

Quickest attempted robbery ever:

Second-quickest attempted robbery ever:

It's hard to rob a place when no one takes you seriously:

Always remember which door you came in:

Try to steal an ATM, lose a van:

Never attempt a robbery when a cop is sitting behind you:


World's Least Successful Bank Robbers - Watch more Funny Videos

Pull, not push:

Never write your robbery note on the back of a personal check:

Weapon of choice? A tree branch:

Never try to rob a bar full of cops with your finger:

Worst. Robber. Ever.

Probably fake, but I hope it's not:

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