Breakfasts Around the World

See 10 global variations on the first meal of the day

Not everyone sits down to a bowl of cereal in the morning—or even an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich. In fact, America is one of the few countries that indulge in a separate type of cuisine for their morning meal. And while Western breakfast traditions have made their way onto tables all over the world, some meal traditions remain the same. From Japan’s morning rice to India’s fava-bean feast, check out 10 of the world’s breakfast staples. [via womansday]

Huevos Motuleños

A hearty Mexican favorite, this breakfast dish originated in the Yucatán Peninsula and consists of two eggs on a fried tostada with tomatoes, ham, peas, plátanos maduros, queso fresco and, oftentimes, black beans. Photo courtesy of Jasmine via

Platos Típicos

This typical El Salvadorian breakfast made of standard national foods includes fried sweet plantains, casamiento (black beans and rice in an onion sauce) and salsa. Photo courtesy of Liz Henry via

Breakfast Tagine

Moroccan tagine—a slow-cooked stew consisting of lamb and a variety of traditional herbs and seasonings—is named after the clay pot in which it’s cooked. The leftovers are often eaten for breakfast the following day. Photo courtesy of Victoria via

Ful Medames

Typically eaten with bread in the morning hours, the traditional Egyptian ful medames breakfast consists of slow-cooked fava beans (partially or completely mashed) served with olive oil, chopped parsley, onion, garlic and lemon juice. Photo courtesy of Davis via


This standard Hindi breakfast—a mix of rice, lentils and spices—is widely prepared in various renditions across Pakistan, northern India and Bangladesh. Common accompaniments include deep-fried eggplant, oil-based pickles and yogurt. Photo courtesy of Phoebie via


A popular dish in Sri Lanka and Southwestern India, these bowl-shaped pancakes (a.k.a. hoppers) are made with fermented rice flour and can be served with a spicy sauce or flavored with egg, honey or coconut cream. Photo courtesy of

Nattō on Rice with Miso Soup

This traditional Japanese breakfast consists of nattō (fermented soy beans) on rice, along with various miso soup incarnations and green tea. Photo courtesy of Kevin Lynch via

Nasi Lemak

Known as Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi Lemak—in its breakfast form—consists of coconut rice, cucumber, anchovies, roasted peanuts, hard-cooked egg and sambal (spicy sauce) served in a banana leaf, newspaper or brown paper. Photo courtesy of

Turkish Tarhana

In Turkey, tarhana is a fermented and dried combination of cracked wheat, yogurt and vegetables that is usually made into a thick soup and eaten at all meals, including breakfast. Photo courtesy of Sean via


This traditional sausage dish made from coarsely minced beef flavored with spices and fat makes frequent appearances at breakfast tables in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa, as does scrambled ostrich egg. Photo courtesy of Lynda Hayes via

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