13 Halloween Scenes and Creatures Made Out Of LEGO

[via planetoddity]

Trick or Treat

trick or treat lego

Via VignetteBrick from Elroy Davis.

Ghost and Skeletons

ghost skeleton lego

ghost and skeletons lego

ghost with spider web lego

Via FindMyBrick.

Shira Camato and Scythitis

shira camatu lego

scythitis lego

Via TheAwesomer.

Spooky House

spooky house lego

Via Zirkel.

Halloween Scene from 1978.

halloween scene lego

Via Flickr from Keith Goldman.

Alien Chest-Burster

alien chest burster lego

Via GreatWhiteSnark from an artist pirie1.

Don’t knock on that door, SpongeBob!

sponge bob lego

Via Brothers Brick.

Headless LEGO Horseman with LED’s

headless horseman lego

Via EvilMadScientist.

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