5. With a Name Like Chubbs McGee

While the birthday party uninvite at the end is a nice kicker, I'd like to make sure that the "I'm gonna keep living my awesome life while you try to think of words to write down to make yourself feel better" line doesn't go unnoticed.

4. This Vanity URL Looks Awful Familiar

I'm not sure if snagging your friend's vanity url actually qualifies as a "beatdown," but the friend's over-the-top, freakout reaction makes it worthy of this list.

3. WWJBTCOO? (Who Would Jesus Beat The Crap Out Of?)

I don't recall Jesus mentioning anything about "Beating the shit out of your enemies if they post faith-bashing videos on Youtube" in the Bible. But maybe I missed that part.

2. If There's A Photo Of You On Facebook Dressed Like A Fairy and Wasted, Don't Tell Your Bosses You Can't Come To Work Because "Something Came Up"

I think this little email exchange (+picture) tells you everything you need to know.

1. So, Are You Bringing The Microwave Or What?

Bonus Fake Facebook Beatdown!

So, this guy who got caught skipping work via his Facebook status was proved to be a fake, but that only makes it a little less funny.