Top 10 Web Hosting Companies for 2009

I love posting Top 10's of just about anything on the pages of Curious Read. Some are funny, some are interesting and some make you think. And some are just straight up useful. So if you find your self looking for a dedicated server for your start up company I have found the right website for you.

Finding a fast, reliable server is becoming increasingly difficult these days as everyone with a little money can start up a web server company from their basement and call themselves a legit company. Problem is; it is that easy to look legit with flashy graphics and all. But unknowing to the buyer it could very well be a one man show on the other end.

So how do you weed out the bad web host from the good ones? Well, sometimes word of mouth serves best here. But what if your not familiar with the market and or don't know anyone that is? How do you find the company with great customer service team as opposed to Uncle Fred down the street?

I've come across a great website with independent reviews of the best web host out there. This web hosting site helps you quickly figure out which site has the best offers at the moment, prices, and extras like marketing bonus to help advertise your site.

Need a solution for small to medium sized businesses? even ranks the top Virtual Private Services (VPS) for all of your vps hosting needs.

Aside from their knowledgeable and useful information on Web Hosting Geeks, the site design and user interface is very well laid out with a nice clean web 2.0 look. The left side navigation is very easy to read and useful to find what you are looking for in a snap.

One of the best features of Web Hosting Geeks, is that you get a say in the matter with putting your own review of any given web hosting service on their site. I love to read reviews and love to give them.

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