Man Works 50 Jobs In 50 States

Recent College Graduate Completes Goal Saturday

Daniel Seddiqui is a man on a mission to work 50 jobs in 50 states. [via wapt]

WAPT first introduced him in February. On Saturday, the recent college graduate had successfully completed the goal.

Seddiqui taught surfing in Maui, packed meat in Kansas and worked in Jackson as a dietitian.

"Now that I've started this adventure, my opportunities are endless," Seddiqui said. "When just three years ago, I felt like I had nothing."

There was another unofficial goal.

Because Seddiqui is single, besides 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks, he also tried to go on 50 dates in 50 states in 50 weeks. He said he struck out in West Virginia and Wyoming.

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