15 Most Ridiculous Car Mods

People LOVE making stupid modifications to their cars, taking pictures of them, then posting them on the web. This post is long overdue. [via manolith]

I couldn’t decide between “Awesome car mods”, “Terrible car mods”, or “Stupid car mods”, so I just threw all three together into “Ridiculous car mods”, and I’ll let you sort out what’s what. By the way, there are tons of these out there, so hit Google if you’re looking for more, but these are the weirdest 15 I’ve ever found.

1) Hummer Tank

Somehow, even less fuel efficient than the original.

2) Pig Mobile

3) Redneck Spoiler

4) WTF?

No seriously, WTF.

5) Obese Cadillac

I don’t even know how they did this.

6) Ghetto Racecar

7) Solid Gold Car

Just wow.

8) Yes, I Need Eight Headlights

9) Makes sense.

10) Picasso’s Baller Ride

11) Turtle Car

12) Improvised Stretch Limo

Because even rednecks deserve to ride in style.

13) WTF part 2


14) Redneck Spoiler part 2

15) Nintendo Controller Engine

If it breaks down, you can just blow on it.

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