15 Most Embarrassing Cakes

No matter the occasion, cakes are the universal medium to express joy, gratitude, fear, loathing and what your innards look like. Here are 15 examples of the most embarrassing, gross, and simply retarded cakes ever. Get out your forks and crack open the ice cream. [via bigstupididiot]

15. Dark Chocolate Goes Great With Divorce
A cake is proper divorce etiquette. Make it chatty and mention their sister! Image thanks to College Humor.


14. Intervention Or Enabling
Let’s get into character licensing. “Addie the crack addict” would make a great cartoon character. PBS? Are you taking pitches? Image thanks to Cake Wrecks


13. Sexual Harassment Cake
This is proof that cakes can make social change. A big “Ghostbusters” “no” around an ass-slap is how you get a message across. We hope this was a cake for a boss. Image thanks to Epicurious.


12. “Your Thirty Won”
In a way, this is a triumph. We’re not sure how so many errors could occur in one simple phrase. Image thanks to Cake Wrecks.


11. Rickroll Cake FAIL
This cake was obviously designed by someone who doesn’t get what Rickrolling is. Why is he on a desktop? What OS is this, Windows ‘95? Image Chan.


10. When You Test Positive…
A true friend buys you an ice cream cake. Image thanks to Hurry Up Cakes.


9. Ugh, Mooooom!!!
Along with the milestone of the 17th birthday comes a very important lesson. Underwear is important. Though that won’t stop her from getting fingered at R-rated movies. Image thanks to Eatliver.


8. For Your lil’ Jazz Singer: Mini Al Jolsen Balls
No comment. Image thanks to Cake Wrecks


7. A “Dr. Horrible” Cake is Always Sad
We get it. You’re a Whedonite. You already talk about “Buffy” and “Firefly” all the time, and now you’ve just wasted valuable cake resources to prove that. Image thanks to Hurry Up Cakes.


6. Borat “Sexy Time” Cake
Your son’s turning 13. It’s time for him to finally lose his virginity. Like any good father, you’d set him up with a hooker, and proudly wait outside the bordello with this cake. Image thanks to Space Ghetto.


5. Sonogram Cake
It’s a girl… or some kind of parasitic monster made of tumors. Seriously, stop doing this, parents. It’s gross. We never want to eat a cake again. Image thanks to Cake Wrecks.


4. Miscarriage Cake
You tried so hard to make the pregnancy work, but it failed. Sorry about the miscarriage, here’s a “Looney Tunes” gag. Image thanks to Cake Wrecks.


3. “Twilight” Cake
We don’t need to tell you why this is embarrassing. You wrote the script of “Twilight” onto a cake, with a “clever” cake-related twist. In the name of womanhood, we’d like you to return your ovaries now, please. Image Chan.


2. When It Isn’t Full Herpes, “It’s Just a Cold Sore”
I have good news, and bad news. False alarm, it’s just a cold sore on my mouth. Actually, it turns out I actually have genital warts. Image thanks to Fukung


1. A True Patriot “Never Foget”
If we let our dyslexia keep us from decorating cakes, then the terrorists have won. Image thanks to Cake Wrecks


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