10 Surprisingly Graphic Street Advertisements

With fewer people reading and more people Tivoing, advertisers are turning back to the outdoor ad. Naturally, they're injecting sex, violence and butt jokes to get them noticed. Ten graphic, and often bootylicious outdoor advertisements below. NSFW. [via jalopnik]

These ads range from relatively tame to overtly sexual and ass-filled, so don't say we didn't warn you.

What it's advertising: Slower driving during the rain
Where it's advertising: On a billboard in New Zealand
Why it's graphic: When it rains, the child's face bleeds. To boys the same age as the kid on the billboard, possibly the coolest thing ever, but disturbing to everyone else. Particularly when you think of all the products this technology could be used to advertise (don't tell PETA or Oscar Mayer about this).

What it's advertising: A special kind of piercing
Where it's advertising: One of Rotterdam's basketball courts
Why it's graphic: The rim of the goal forms a ring around another sort of goal with a ring around it. Sexy, until you realize you're probably not physically powerful enough to reach it.

Photo Credit: The Cool Hunter via Interbent

What it's advertising: A Calcium Supplement
Where it's advertising: India
Why it's graphic: This is actually unintentionally graphic. Though it's about "strong bones" it actually looks a different kind of bone. And what are those kids looking at?

What it's advertising: Environmental protection
Where it's advertising: Over a sewer in Beijing
Why it's graphic: This is probably the most graphic of the many, many ass-themed graphic ads, showing foul smelling water pouring out of a pair of cheeks. Since this is in a country where they imprison pornographers, we assume they cover up the billboard when they power-snake the drain.

Photo Credit: AdsOfTheWorld

What it's advertising: Anti-domestic abuse
Where it's advertising: German bus shelter
Why it's graphic: When the person at this bus shelter turns away, the happy couple turns into a man beating a woman. We admire the intent, but frankly, riding the bus is plenty depressing enough already.

What it's advertising: The Peugeot 206 HDi Coupe
Where it's advertising: On the butt
Why it's graphic: We have to give credit to Pug's advertisers for thinking with their bottoms, though this ad encourages staring at taillights instead of the road. Also, it doesn't look like there's enough room for all our junk in that trunk.

Photo Credit: BestSnippits.com

What it's advertising: A strip club
Where it's advertising: On poles around London, England.
Why it's graphic: They've cleverly designed the ads to make it appear like the strippers are doing their thing along actual street lamp poles. Knowing ad guys, we're thinking this took about three minutes to brainstorm and three months to find the talent.

Photo Credit: The Cool Hunter via Interbent

What it's advertising: Finding a job
Where it's advertising: In a line for a German event
Why it's graphic: These brown-nosers are going straight for a prime brown-nosing spot. Unfortunately, it kind of makes us not want a job at all, which is counterproductive.

Photo Credit: Interbent

What it's advertising: Bustop Lingerie
Where it's advertising: On a wall in New Zealand
Why it's graphic: Basically, it's an upskirt shot on the side of a building. However, an in-depth examination of the complicated symbology and semiotics involved reveals that it's... well, an upskirt shot on the side of a building.

Photo Credit: Interbent

What it's advertising: A new Wonderbra
Where it's advertising: British bus shelter
Why it's graphic: It's been made to look like someone vandalized it by cracking holes where the nipples go. Oh, wait, no, we get it. It's extremely cold out! Or Wonderbras are made of synthetic diamond, in which case, under no circumstances should you put 'em on the glass.

Photo Credit: Telegraph.co.uk

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