Clever Uses of Handles in Advertising

Clever Uses of Handles in Advertising

Creative uses of bus, subway and door handles in advertising campaigns by various companies. [via toxel]

Pantene Door Handle

Creative poster with a real plait hanging from the back of a head was stuck on the doors of malls, supermarkets and beauty salons in India. The plait served as the door handle and each time patrons ‘pulled’ the hair handle, the core benefit of Pantene was demonstrated. [link]

Pantene Door Handle

Harley Davidson Bus Handle

Motorbike handles were mounted in buses in Switzerland to announce the arrival of new Harley models. [link]

Harley Davidson Bus Handle Advertisement

Gard Shampoo Bus Handles

Clever bus handles promoting Gard active strong shampoo in Frankfurt, Germany. [link]

Gard Shampoo Bus Handle Advertisement

Amnesty International Bus Handles

Eight bus lines in Hamburg, Germany run this creative advertising campaign against the death penalty. [link]

Amnesty International Hang-Men Bus Handle Advertisement

Pepsi Bus Handle

Cool handle advertising campaign for Pepsi was featured on 3400 buses throughout USA. [link]

Pepsi Bus Handle Advertisement

Hankook Tires Bus Handle

Tire-shaped handles emphasize stability and grip of Hankook Tires. [link]

Hankook Tires Bus Handle Advertisement

Neck Tie Subway Handles

Tie subway train handles advertising loan company in Tokyo, Japan. [link]

Neck Tie Subway Handle

Fitness Company Subway Handle

Clever marketing campaign for the Fitness Company in Germany. [link]

Fitness Company Subway Handle Advertisement

Abused Bus Handles

Creative advertising campaign against domestic abuse in Indonesia. [link]

Abused Bus Handles

Big Pilot Watch Bus Handles

Bus riders in Berlin got to try IWC’s Big Pilot’s watch mid-commute because bus straps have been fashioned into samplers. [link]

Big Pilot Watch Bus Handle Advertisement

Tyskie Beer Door Handles

Beer mug stickers were installed behind doors of restaurants, pubs and shops as a part of creative Tyskie beer advertising campaign. [link]

Tyskie Beer Door Handles

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