Drunk Tourist Hands Out $83,000 To Strangers at Airport

Usually when a Gadling article mentions "drunk tourist", it's about some kind of trouble an inebriated group of tourists managed to get themselves into. We've seen tourists that tried to open the aircraft door mid-flight, or a group of tourists that forced a plane to divert due to their behavior. [via gadling]

But this article is different - this drunk tourist left a bathroom stall at Mallorca airport and started handing out massive amounts of money. In total, he handed out GBP52,000 ($83,000).

Apparently the money was left to this idiot through an inheritance, and the combination of booze and downright stupidity made quite a few strangers at the airport a bit richer.

There is one snag in their happiness though - only GBP2000 of the money was in cash, the rest had been put on travelers cheques (yeah, these were British cheques), which means they won't be able to cash them, as they can only be used by the person who purchased them, as they need to sign them.

Local police arrested the benefactor, who was described as "smelly" and "looking like a tramp", and after verifying through the British Consulate that the funds were legitimate, they let him go. Once sobered up, I'm sure he will be quite happy that he chose travelers cheques instead of cash for his transaction.

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