Smart Memory Bra Lifts Bust When a Girl Fancies a Fella

HERE’S a bra that gets the message across — it lifts the bust when a girl fancies a fella.

Check out the for a pic.

The “smart memory bras” have heat-sensitive foam that pushes up boobs as sexual attraction causes body temperature to rise.

As the body cools the foam relaxes and the bust appears normal again.

Inventors at the Slovenia-based Lisca lingerie firm discovered the saucy side-effect by accident, while developing underwear that adapted to changing weather.

Designer Suzana Gorisek said: “As the body changes, so does the bra.”

They were unveiled at a lingerie exhibition in Paris and will hit British stores in summer, for around £25 each.

A spokesman for Lisca said: “It’s healthier than an ordinary bra because it will always provide the perfect fit.”

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