Quiznos is the sandwich of choice for playmates [vid]

While Denver-born restaurant chain Chipotle is getting flak for its new ad campaign's distinct lack of cojones, the marketing for Quiznos Sub Shop, another local restaurant chain done (sorta) good, still shows a lot of balls. Or, to be more accurate in this particular case, a lot of boobs. The Playboy "2 Girls, 1 Sub" commercial posted above isn't really safe for work, unless your work is all for scantily-clad ladies double-teaming a toasted sandwich and getting condiments on their bosoms. While Quiznos has apparently denied involvement in this product placement to end all product placements, like the bad boys over at the Denver Egotist who spotted the ad, we say bullshit. We've seen those creepy mutant hamster commercials and "Put it in me" talking-oven spots, so we know for a fact that the folks at Quiznos are sick enough to make this ad happen. [via westword]

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