The Easy Eating Trend - AKA Prepackaged Gourmet

Cheeseburger in a Can

Photo of a cheeseburger in a can

[via cbc] From Switzerland - Cheeseburger in a Can! A Swiss company has created this easy eating solution. It's an all-beef patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese on a sesame seed bun - sold in a can that retails for about 5 bucks and can stay fresh for up to a year!

I Love Mother!

Photo of Mother products

From Singapore - ever wish your mother was around to whip you up a freshly cooked meal? Well a new company from Singapore called "Mother" is the next best thing. Hungry shoppers can go online and pick a recipe - within a few hours, Mother will deliver all the fresh ingredients, sliced, sealed and portioned and ready to cook.


Photo of KidFresh

From New York City – sick of your kids hassling you to buy them junk food when you head to the grocery store? Then why not take them to Kidfresh – the first and only grocery store designed just for kids. They sell only super healthy, prepackaged foods that parents will love, in fun flavours and shapes that kids will gobble up!

Funky Fries

Photo of Funky Fries

From the U.S. - get funky with Funky Fries! From Heinz, take a look at their line of quick-bake coloured and flavoured French fries for kids. With chocolate-flavoured fries and electric blue spuds, these aren't your parents' Yukon Gold!

Pizza Vending Machines

Photo of Wonderpizza

From Italy - pizza from a vending machine?!? An Italian company has created Wonderpizza - a machine that holds, cooks, sells and serves nine-inch pizza pies in just two minutes! Now that's amore!

Canned Noodles

Photo of canned noodles

From Japan – look out Ramen Noodles, here comes noodles in a can! Scientists in Japan have come up with a way to keep delicious, pre-cooked noodles in a can from getting soggy so they can be sold from a vending machine. For all those times when you just need that noodleriffic hit on the go!

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