Cubicle Cooking -- Chicken Pesto Pasta


In honor of National Cubicle Day, we decided to celebrate with a little cube-side Pesto Chicken and Pasta. If you have a coffee maker and an absent boss, this could be your lunch tomorrow...

Our talented Food MacGyver began with a thin chicken breast that he cooked up in the base of the coffee pot -- non-stick spray helps here. [via food2]


A semi-painful flip...


...before moving on to the ramen.


Percolate some clean water to cook the noodles (and removing the coffee filter would be handy).


Nearly there...

Coffee Grinder Pesto

A coffee grinder is a solid hack to make the fresh basil pesto sauce -- olive oil, pine nuts, salt, pepper, garlic and the aforementioned fresh basil. Again, better in a clean grinder unless you are a hardcore coffee junkie.


Throw it all into your carafe for a tasty, hasty union. Your co-workers should be pretty curious at this point (if you haven't been fired already).


Salt and pepper to taste and you have lunch. Not as easy as brown bagging it but far more impressive.


If you don't want to worry about that bonus coffee flavor, we recommend this Chicken, Roasted Pepper and Pesto sandwich. You can make it at home in a real kitchen and then pack it. Low on shock value, high on taste.

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