Teacher sends boy, 5, home with bag of poo

A 5-year-old student at Apple Valley Elementary in Yakima headed home on the bus with more than books in his backpack. Inside was a smelly package his father never imagined he'd be toting around. [via komonews]

"I'm still kind of in shock over this, because why would somebody do this? It's disgusting!" said the boy's father, who wished to be identified only as "Jason."

Jason says his son's kindergarten teacher had bagged up a piece of human feces and stuck it in his son's backpack. His wife found the stinky mess.

"She found a clear plastic bag with a piece of fecal matter wrapped up in a brown paper towel with the note on it," he said.

The note read, "This little turd was on the floor in my room."

Jason says his son's teacher, Mrs. Graham, called last Friday and said her classroom was "stinky." She asked if the boy could have had an accident.

Jason acknowledged the possibility, as his son had had a couple of accidents in the classroom in the past. He told Mrs. Graham there were extra clothes in his backpack.

Jason never imagined the teacher would send his son home with evidence of his accident.

After his wife found the bagged mess, Jason e-mailed school officials. Days later, he received a response apologizing for the delay in dealing with the issue. On Tuesday, he was still waiting for a chance to speak to school officials about the incident.

"What would have happened if it had stayed in there and she hadn't checked the bag? And other kids were playing on the bus and it got out? And it's a very hazardous thing. It's disgusting!"

The school's superintendent said the boy's teacher and the school principal are being questioned. School officials said they'll meet with Jason and his wife next week.

In the meantime, Jason wants his son placed in a different teacher's classroom for the remainder of the school year.

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