Google Car Pulled Over by the Cops - Now in Google Street View!

[via neatorama] Google may be the big fish on the Net, but Google Street View Car got no respect from the cops on the street! Neatorama reader Chris Whiteoak sent us these series of photographs of a Google car being pulled over by the police … here’s the story, in Chris’ own words:

I’m from Bradford, United Kingdom. I was just going on my lunch break at work today and i noticed a black car that had stopped at a red light. It had a "google" sticker on the side, and a large camera "thing" on the top. I decided to pull out my camera phone to take a pic, but just as i did a police car pulled up right behind it and put on it’s lights and officer inside was motioning the car to pull over.

I then realised why, as the car was in the lane to go straight ahead, which was marked "bus / bicycle / taxi only", before i could take another pic, the google car sped off, went nearly the whole way round the block in busy Bradford city centre (the police still following now with lights and siren on!), before eventually pulling into a car park… which just happened to be the car park to the old police station!!!

When i eventually caught up i did manage to get a picture of the police car and the Google car pulled over in the car park, after which the officer got out of the car and started asking me not to take pictures! lol

Also, I’m hoping when they put the street level view for Bradford on google maps, am hoping there will be a cheeky pic of me taking a pic of the google car, which i can then upload to google earth my pic of the google car taking a pic of me (if that makes sense?!? lol) :-D

And now, the photos:

Let us know if there’s a picture of you taking a picture of the Google Car on Google Earth and thanks Chris!

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