14 Pizzas Worth Dying For [pics]

These days Pizza is as American as Apple pie. When a food becomes American you have to be prepared for some extremely unhealthy variations to rear their ugly heads and Pizza is no exception. Below I will exhibit 14 pizzas that many people would not hesitate to stuff down their gullet. [via thispiggy]

Some of the pictures courtesy of this is why you’re fat.

Hot Dog And French Fry Pizza

Want to combine hot dog day and pizza day at school all into one tasty glorious day? Eat a Hot Dog & French fry pizza!


Turkish Kebab Pizza

I love Kebabs and I also love pizza, who knew they would go together so well. Too bad the presentation was horrible; they need to learn a lesson or two from the fast food giants!


Snack Bomb Pizza

Feel like a pizza, but aren’t in the mood for traditional toppings? Why not covere your pizza with your favorite snacks and combine snacking with well, getting fat. This pizza features french fries, sliced corn dogs, Doritos and KFC Popcorn Chicken.


Happy Meal Pizza
Since McDonalds no longer offers pizza, I guess we will have to take it upon ourselves to make a ‘Happy Meal McPizza’.


The Corn Dog Pizza
Every time I take a road trip any where in the USA, I always stop at random gas stations and stuff my face with corn dogs. For some reason the idea of placing full sized corn dogs on my pizza has always evaded me… until today that is.


Junk Food Pizza
This guy reminds me a lot of the Snack Bomb pizza but some of thee toppings are a little more appetizing to me than Doritos. The Junk food pizza is a large pizza packing potato skins, mini tacos, Jalapeno poppers, onion rings and Mozza Stick.


Chicago Style Stuffed Pizza
You’ve heard of deep dish pan fried stuffed pizza, but have you EVER seen anything this deep dish and juicy? This Chicago style stuffed pizza is so thick you should almost call it lasagna.


Pizza Roll Up

Ever since somebody decided to pour ranch dressing all over their pizza and turned salad dressing into the McChicken Sauce of the pizza world, I’ve been steadily watching my stomach take over the space previously occupied by my weiner. This pizza takes an all meat pizza, soaks it in Ranch dressing then rolls it up like a fruit roll up.


Deep Fried Pepperoni Pizza
One of my favorite pizza’s in the world is a New York style slice of Pepperoni pizza dripping with oil. I always wondered who would top it, that was until I found these pictures. Let me introduce to you, a deep fried pepperoni pizza. Yumm!


How to Make Deep Fried Pizza

The Meta Pizza
Awww how cute, this pizza gave birth to little baby pizzas and is offering them to us as a topping on itself. How selfless.


Hamburger Crust Pizza

At first I thought this pizza was just burnt, but after further investigation, some genius created a pizza that had a complete ground beef burger crust. Bring on the Atkins dieters! hamburger

Gravy Pizza
What do you do when you get sick of using Ranch dressing as dipping sauce for your pizza? Step it up a notch and soak that grub in gravy, that’s what.


The Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger
This Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger is pure genius. Take two meat pizzas and squash a ton of beef, bacon, and cheese in between those two pizzas and pack in probably 2000 calories of heart exploding goodness per slice.


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