The 10 Greatest Celebrity meltdowns of all time [vid]

Being a celebrity is kind of like being a puppy. Everyone thinks you're really cute for a few weeks and then they get tired of them acting stupid and pooping all over the place. Unfortunately we have to watch the painful process of the puppy/celebrity getting older, less attractive and fatter until it's reached a point where we don't care about them anymore and get a new puppy. This is when the puppy usually has a meltdown and starts wetting their bed and barking for no reason ... just like celebrities. [via manofest]

#10 Tyrant Banks Loses Her Damn Mind - As several of her ex-boyfriends will attest, Hell hath no fury for a Tyra scorned.

#9 Corey Haim Has A Hard Time With Words And Sentences - There's a very touching moment where Corey says "mum shoo bada swee do ga pooooo" and I think that's something we can all relate to that.

#8 Alec Baldwin Wins The "Parent Of The Year Award" - I don't know about you, but I find it comforting to know that Alec is the same neurotic asshole that he pretends to be on TV and in movies.

#7 Director David O. Russell Unleashes The Fury On Lily Tomlin - Why it was necessary to freak out over a movie that sucked as bad as I Heart Huckabees is something we'll never know.

#6 Christian Bale Goes American Psycho - And you can only imagine what happens when a McDonald's drive-thru screws up his order.

#5 Britney Turns Into Mrs. Snot Bubbles On Dateline - It's amazing how much Britney looked like Miss Piggy during this video. Wait, so that would make Justin Timberlake Kermit and K-Fed Fozzy The Bear? Yeah, that sounds about right.

#4 Tom Cruise Channels His Lord Xenu On Oprah - The moment that Tom Cruise really tried to convince the world that he wasn't gay and the moment that Katie Holmes agreed to take a four-year vow of silence.

#3 Farrah Fawcett Brain Melts On Letterman - This was truly devastating blow for dumb blondes everywhere as Farrah actually thought Letterman's New York City backdrop was the real deal. If you have an extra six minutes, I also really recommend watching the first part of the interview here.

#2 Bill O'Reilly Exposes His Inner-Asshole - It kinda makes you wonder how many times Bill was sucker-punched as a child. I'm guessing it was anywhere from 17-33 times before he turned twenty.

#1 Michael Richards Turns Into David Duke - As far as I know, my continuing level of whiteness and paleness does not allow me to comment on matters of a racist nature.

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