How To Hack Video Clips From Websites

One of the neatest things on the Web is the plethora of "how-to" videos that tell you how to do practically anything. Problem is, the videos are everywhere: YouTube, metacafe, and so on. [via neatorama]

Enter Wonder How To, a website that did for DIY video guides what Yahoo! did for the early Internet: it categorizes thousands of free how-to videos from over 1,700 websites into 35 categories (from arts & crafts to disaster preparation, magic & parlor tricks to pranks & cons).

I'm currently browsing the How to Hack section, which has over 600 videos on how to hack your gadgets, computers, and even video game consoles. Many of the videos are duds - which is why Wonder How To lets its viewers sort the clips by grade (from A to F).

For example (links open in a new browser/tab)

Google Hacks
Did you know that there are literally thousands of hidden search terms that you can use within Google to search for otherwise restricted content? Learn these commands and how to use Google to control webcams and find everything from website statistics, to hidden files, to free mp3s.


How to Hack An Elevator to Go Directly To Your Floor
This video tutorial shows a very easy way to hack elevators so they don't stop for anyone that calls it. If you're ever in a hurry and need to get to the bottom or top floor quickly, this video is great for you. You can use this elevator hack in most modern elevators.


How to Make A Blu-Ray Laser Phaser
Kipkay shows you how to combine a laser and a classic Star Trek phaser gun. The new gun shoots a cool blue violet beam. Plus it costs less than $100.


How to Construct a WiFi Super Antenna
An easy to build 10$ WLAN antenna that gives 6 times more range than a standard antenna. You need some trash packaging materials and the rest are standard parts in electronics component shops.


How to Make a USB Fan Out of Old CDs
You can make a simple USB fan using a compact disc, a USB cable, and a small fan motor. It's quick and easy!


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