Glass pyramid that could house 1m people

[via mysterytopia]

With its sharp angles and its glass walls shimmering in the sunlight it looks like a piece of modern art.

But this innovative design is actually a blueprint for the city of the future - a giant glass pyramid that could house up to one million people.

The development, named the 'Ziggurat', will be self sufficient and carbon neutral with power being supplied by wind turbines.

No cars will be allowed inside the 2.3 square kilometre building, with residents being whisked around by a monorail network which operates both horizontally and vertically.

Security in the city will be provided by biometrics with residents relying on facial recognition to enter their homes.

Dubai based designer Timelinks has already patented the design and technology incorporated into the project.

Ridas Matonis, managing director of Timelinks, said the city would work by 'harnessing the power of nature.' He said: "Ziggurat communities can be almost totally self-sufficient energy-wise.

"Whole cities can be accommodated in complexes which take up less than ten per cent of the original land surface. "Public and private landscaping will be used for leisure pursuits or irrigated as agricultural land.

"If these projects were realised today the world would see communities that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and in tune with their natural surroundings."

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