Teen stabbed in leg, but makes it to job interview, then hospital

[via tribune]

A 16-year-old Toronto student showed some real grit Wednesday and really impressed some potential employers, says The Canadian Press.

Despite being stabbed in the leg he showed up for a job interview instead of going to the hospital.

He another 16-year-old old were stabbed near a high school, sending the collegiate into lockdown and heavily armed police swarming through the area.

But staff at a veterinary clinic said the student showed up on time for his 1 p.m. co-op placement interview.

But when employees noticed blood on his leg, they called police.

He and the other student were finally taken to hospital.

"He did really well on the interview and we were very proud of him for sticking to the appointment," said veterinarian Kent Ackerman, adding he was "shocked" the teen would do so.

Police were looking for two or three suspects seen running north out of the area.

Initial reports of a gun being seen prompted Emergency Task Force teams to search the collegiate.

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