Loophole For Leased Vehicles Found In Red-Light Camera Law

[via newsnet5]

There's a controversy brewing over the red-light and speed cameras put up at intersections throughout Cleveland.

A new court ruling about the tickets issued through the cameras could open up a big can of worms, reported NewsChannel5's Paul Kiska.

It turns out there's a loophole in Cleveland's traffic camera system. It's in the wording of the code violation that reads the "owner of the vehicle shall be eligible for the penalty." There is no mention about drivers who lease a vehicle.

"I think the lessee of the vehicle is not liable under this Cleveland code section," said attorney Blake Dickson.

Dickson fought City Hall and won. His law firm leases cars and got ticketed by the cameras.

Dickson appealed to Ohio district court and won because the code doesn't mention anything about "leased" or "rented" vehicles.

But until the city code is changed, every driver might have a case if they want to pay $225 in fees to appeal.

"Somebody made the argument until this is changed, every owner has an argument because it's an unequal situation because there's not equal protection under the law," said Dickson.

While drivers debate whether the 41 cameras are a money grab by the city or about safety, it appears they're here to stay.

"Yes, they're making money and yes, it's safety, but it's also a catch-22," said Dickson.

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