14 Greatest BANNED Superbowl Commercials of All Time

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Last week was the day we all gather around the TV to watch commercials….I mean the Superbowl. This year’s match-up, Pittsburgh Steelers vs Arizona Cardinals, sure leaves sports fans wanting more, but the game was actually the most watched in SB history...

With Superbowl commercials costing roughly $3M for a 30-second spot, most companies compete for the most original, most memorable, most outrageous, or the sexiest commercial of the game. Sometimes this quest to be the best gets a commercial banned for going overboard. Here are the 14 best Banned Superbowl commercials of all time.

Bud - Skinny Dipping

Rolling Rock - Cups

Bud Light - Can Opener

Bud Light - Apology Bot 3000

Dove - Pro Age

Snickers - Manly

GoDaddy - Sell the Story

Axe - Naked Guy

Godaddy - I Own You

Snickers - Get Some Nuts

BK - Share Everything

GoDaddy - Proceedings

Miller Lite - Cat Fight

PETA - Go Veg

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