The "I Am Rich" $3325 T-Shirt

“I Am Rich” Overpriced Product Trend Refuses to Die

he completely useless “I Am Rich” iPhone application was almost funny when it showed up in the app store with its $1000 price tag. Then came the even more ridiculous and almost shockingly unprofessional looking Social 1000 network. Now, the latest addition to the marginally offensive bad marketing bandwagon is here. Meet the “I’m Still Rich” t-shirt. [via dailyinterweb]

Priced at an entirely reasonable $2695 ($630 extra if you want it in black) the shirt almost manages to be funny. What is definitely funny is the banner at the top of the screen which reads “Inauguration Weekend Sale! $4.40 OFF ALL SHIRTS!”

The mere existence of this thing is a sad reminder that there are still people out there that might be crazy or stupid enough to buy this stuff. Personally though I think I’ll pass and wait to see the inevitable photo shopped images of this shirt on Warren Buffet or Bill Gates.

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