F*MyLife Offers A Glimpse Of Others’ Screwed-Up Lives

[via tech crunch]

If you enjoyed visiting DMFail, which surfaced Twitter messages intended as private messages on a public website but ultimately failed, you’re bound to get a kick out of this: F*** My Life is a service in beta where registered users are given a public platform to complain about just how screwed up their lives are and why.

In true Web 2.0 style, other users can comment on the short revelations and indicate that they in fact agree about the fact his / her life is f*cked up, and/or if the submitters actually deserve it. Thanks to those groundbreaking features, you can filter down stories based on the number of people who agree or think it’s well deserved, and you can also get a top-down list of the most discussed or most favorited life stories.

It all makes for very awkward reading (it reminds me of that creepy, now defunct Confession account on Twitter), although I’m sure there are people that will actually enjoy this.

Update: there’s also What A Fail, an iteration of the popular French Vie De Merde, and F*MyLife seems to be heavily ‘inspired’ by it.

There are currently only 100 stories on the website, but if you have anything to complain about in your life, eat your heart out (in max. 300 characters). Do remember to assign the correct category, so F*MyLife can keep making these graphs as an insight into what makes people miserable the most.

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