93-year-old freezes to death after city limits power over unpaid bills

A 93-year-old Bay City man froze to death inside his home several days after the city limited his electricity for failing to pay his bills.

Marvin Schur, who lived alone, died slowly and painfully from hypothermia, said Dr. Kanu Virani, a deputy chief medical examiner for Oakland County who performed the autopsy.

When Schur's body was discovered by a neighbor Jan. 17, the temperature inside the home was less than 32 degrees, Virani said today.

Bay City Electric Light & Power placed a "limiter" outside Schur's home Jan. 13 after he failed to pay an undetermined amount of electricity charges.

The device limits the flow of electricity to the house. If the flow exceeds the limited amount, the device shuts down and must be reset.

The device had apparently shut down prior to Schur's death. [via detnews]

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