The 20 Worst Foods in America 2009

Avoid these 20 industrial-strength calorie bombs this year

Can an appetizer with the caloric equivalent of 13 Krispy Kreme doughnuts be justified? No. The 2,710-calorie Awesome Blossom has been purged from Chili’s menu—maybe the fat-drenched appetizer couldn’t withstand the scrutiny of being named one of the worst foods in America last year. No matter the reason, we applaud this waist-expanding starter’s retirement.

The deep-fried onion wasn’t the only thing to withdraw from this year’s race—seven other items from 2008’s lineup have been removed from menus. That’s a step in the right direction, and it’s good news for your waistline.

But three gut-bombs remain: Uno Chicago Grill’s individual 2,310-calorie Classic Deep Dish is still the worst pizza that could pass your lips. Romano’s Macaroni Grill’s 2,430-calorie spaghetti and meatballs is a truly lethal plate of pasta. And Bob Evans’ 1,543-calorie banana pecan pancakes won’t just break your fast—they’ll destroy it. What’s more, we found 17 more deplorable dishes worthy of spots on our “worst” list. For now, be sure to avoid them—but here’s to hoping these are 20 foods we won’t see on restaurant menus next year.

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