Traffic Jams from Hell [PICS]

What a better way to greet Monday than to publish a collection of horrendous traffic congestion pictures, which may cause even most patient driver to shudder and say "Boy, am I glad I'm not in this mess right now".

First picture is taken from the window of Red Hat's offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, followed by various location around the world, with Russia featured quite prominently -

(image credit: Glommer's Mind)

Bucharest, Romania

Unregulated mess somewhere in Russia:

Here is the classic traffic jam that terrorized Moscow Sadovoye Koltzo (ring road) in October 2007:

Continuing well into the night:

(images credit: Anton Nossik)

This particular congestion is not actually a traffic jam. It happened in Italy during the strike, creating bottle-necks for trucks at the border:
(still very hairy situations with long waits involved) -

[via dark roast blend]
[(original unknown)

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