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If your a regular reader of Curious Read, you may know that the whole point of this blog is to gather the more interesting side of news that you might miss if you watch or read main stream news sites. CNN, Fox and even major search engines dictate what you see on a daily basis.

Maybe you're a publisher of a small blog or a new site and are sick of the bots and the money influencing and or maybe even controlling what you see in search engine results. Enter Stumpedia.

Stumpedia is a social search engine that relies on human participation to index,organize, and review the world wide web. Stumpedia does not depend on bots, algorithms, or company insiders to make decisions on the relevance and ranking of search results.

Stumpedia enables users around the world to share their knowledge and interests with one another and provide an alternative to traditional search. Users are encouraged to create custom content pages for any possible search term in the world and submit links that will help people find relevant results and answers to their search requests. Links to social bookmarks, social profiles, blogs, new stories, authoritative articles, videos and images are welcome.

Stumpedia allows you to share your knowledge and interests with the world and help people search and surf the world wide web. Sick of right and left wing media dictating what you see, join Stumpedia in their mission to democratize search and the media.

You can even earn money by using Stumpedia. Their Articles allow content creators to publish authoritative articles about a specific topic and earn 100% of the ad revenue. Unlike most other platforms where advertising revenue is shared, Stumpedia allows content creators complete control and management of their ads.

From their website...

"We encourage both publishers and authors to contribute articles and make it easy for them to write and share their knowledge and interests with the world. Our goal is to promote great content and help improve search relevancy on the Stumpedia search engine."

Hell, I already submitted this blog to their search engine.. Hope is brings in more traffic!

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