Sports Fans, Keep Up With Your Teams On StatTweets.

A big part of being a sports fan is keeping score. And now there is a great way to keep up with scores and stats for every basketball and football team in the U.S. (NBA, NFL, and college teams). It’s called StatTweets, and it just launched today. You can follow any team you like from @KnicksStats to @UNCStats, and you’ll get spreads, final points, standings, ranks, and more. Here is the full list of teams.

There are other sports-related Twitter services, such as SportsTwit, but those tend to be updates from other fans. StatTweets lets you zero in on the teams you care about.

The data for StatTweets comes from StatSheet. So when you click on StatTWeet from the Knicks, it takes you to the Knicks page on StatSheet. Both were developed by Robbie Allen ad are part of his newly announced StatSheet Network, which also includes StatFix (an embeddable stat of the day widget for any college basketball team).

Hardcore sports fans are going to want to check out StatSheet. For a one-man startup with no funding, this is really impressive. The site is all about sports stats. They are front and center in a big, readable font. You can slice and dice them anyway you want. There are stats on how each player impacts his team, and even on referees.

But my favorite part is the charts. Here’s an animated one called Rankings in Motion that shows how the college basketball standings changed over the season. Best of all, you can build your own with any of the data on the site and then embed it as a widget on your blog or fan site. [via tech crunch]

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