Are Speeders with Police Stickers Getting Away w/ Anything?

Speeding is wrong, speeding is bad, speeding is against the law. And everyone—except the great-great-grandmother in that boat of a Buick ahead of you—does it (a mile per hour here, 25 miles per hour there). And some readers have wondered if those police-friendly stickers are silently sweet-talking officers out of writing a ticket.

An Offensive Weapon?
You've seen those badge-like decals dot hopeful windshields across America—the ones that say something like Supporter, Police Benevolent Association. Typically, you make a donation to the group (which provides services for local officers and their families) and you get a sticker as a “thank-you gift.” Then (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) the sticker goes onto a car window and becomes—you hope—an amulet against a $300 ticket.
Two caveats if you go this route: You'll want to support legitimate organizations like the PBA and the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). Check with your local police department or visit the National Association of Police Organizations website ( "It's nice to see those stickers because it shows support for police," says FOP executive director Jim Pasco. "As for what an individual's expectations are when they place the sticker on their car, that I don't know." If, for some reason, you are thinking about buying a sticker on eBay (and you shouldn't), avoid one that says Member: If you're not a cop or related to a cop, you're in trouble if you're stopped.

The Verdict
Anecdotal evidence from the pedal-to-the-metal underbelly of society is inconclusive. Those who get away with a warning are convinced the sticker is what saved them. Those who get a ticket curse the cost of both the sticker and the ticket. "I never paid attention to the decals," says a retired police officer in Alabama. "I decided whether to give a citation before I approached the door."
In the end, the stickers may be a proud declaration of support for the men and women in blue—or a form of legalized gambling. "I certainly wouldn't think I'd get out of a violation because I have a decal on my car," says Pasco. "If there were systematic acceptance of these stickers, everyone would have one." [via readers digest]

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