The 7 Weirdest Holiday Lights Displays in America

Merry Christmas to all my Curious Readers!!

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From Sara Mosle, near her parents' house in Dallas: "Every time I drive by, I can't help but smile, even if I'm also shaking my head and thinking, 'Only in Texas.' "

Photograph by Sara Mosle.

From Chris Myers: "What you see in this photo was the only thing in the entire yard of this house in Batesville, Miss. In fact, if I remember correctly, it was the only light in the entire yard. It seems like the baby would have been slightly uncomfortable."

Photograph by Chris Myers.

From Ken Meyer of Portland, Ore., who calls it "one of the ubiquitous hideous inflatables." "What makes this one special," he writes, "is the strangeness of the figures. Check out Joseph's beard, and baby Jesus looks like a glowing fruit salad."

Photograph by Ken Meyer.

Ken Meyer (see previous slide) has an eye for these things. About this display, he writes, "It's got everything: God Bless America, the Nativity, and Santa."

From Chris Creel of Austin, Texas: "My friend Alex and I decided to construct a giant flying spaghetti monster to hang on our street."

Photograph by Josh Hikes.

From Melissa Diane Holdren of Chandler, Ariz., "As a friend of mine said, 'Wow! I think Christmas threw up on that house.' It's like some perverse Where's WaldoSanta Edition."

Photograph by Melissa Diane Holdren.

From Judith Anderson of Long Beach, Calif., who asks that the photo be described this way (we think—we're pretty sure—she's kidding): "The Reformed Druids of Long Beach celebrate the Solstice with a display of the Sacred Cactus and the Blue Birds of Happiness."

Photograph by Judith Anderson.

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