Teens in Fatal Crash Have Fast Food Delivered to The Scene

A GROUP of teenagers involved in a crash that killed an 82-year-old man and left his 72-year-old partner fighting for her life had fast food delivered to them at the crash site, a witness says.

The elderly couple were in a van involved in a collision at a Gold Coast roundabout with an unregistered car allegedly driven by a disqualified teen driver on Saturday, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.

Residents who lived near the roundabout in Miami said that as they rushed to help the couple, the five teenagers in the Subaru WRX got out and watched.

Resident Stephen Waymouth said the van was still rolling when he looked over his fence.

When he reached it he saw the man was unconscious and the woman was "wailing".

While residents comforted the distressed woman, the five teens stood motionless on the footpath, he said.

Mr Waymouth and another man, Fabian Atzori, said none of the youths attempted to help.

Mr Waymouth said he was "disgusted" by their behaviour.

"They just stood there, and then they sat down and then someone dropped Maccas off to them," he said.

"What is it with young people where they can just turn off to human injury?" said Mr Atzori.

Fire crews used the jaws of life to cut the roof off the van and the elderly couple were taken to Gold Coast Hospital.

The woman suffered abdominal and leg injuries and the man had chest injuries. He died later in hospital.

Broadbeach police Sergeant Brendon O'Reilly said the Subaru and its owner were known to police - the vehicle had been impounded for 48 hours on November 13 in relation to hooning offences.

Police interviewed the five youths at the scene. The driver was charged with obstructing police while three of the others were handcuffed but not charged.

No other charges had been laid last night. [via news.au]

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