Moto RAZR Stops Bullet, Saves Man's Life

This may be the first good news Motorola's had in a long while: A feller named RJ Richard down in the New Orleans suburb of St. Tammany Parish was on his lawnmower in his backyard when something struck him hard on the chest. When he pulled his Moto RAZR out of his breast pocket to see if it had been damaged by what he presumed to be a pebble, a damn .45 caliber bullet fell out! Having saved the man's life, the phone fell apart.

“I stopped and I lifted up my sweatshirt and I took out the cell phone to check it to see if it was damaged and this bullet falls out,” Richard told the local CBS affiliate WWL. He said the shot—which was strong enough to tear a hole in his sweatshirt—felt like a punch to the chest.

Investigators said that the bullet could have come from as far away as a quarter of a mile, and that people shoot guns in that area all the time.

“We have no reason to believe that there was any type of criminal intent,” Sheriff Jack Strain told WWL. “That this truly was just an incident where someone discharged his weapon, whether it was target practicing or hunting." He did add though, "To have such an impact at such a vital location and to be saved by your cell phone, I'm sure has given [Richard] time for pause, and to be thankful.”

Well, Motorola, it seems this Thanksgiving at least one customer is going to thank you for saving its life—probably one more than Samsung, Nokia or even Apple can claim. [via gizmodo]

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