Understanding Weight Loss and Exercise

A good number of people know when they actually should embark on an exercise and weight Loss Program but the question often asked is - Where do I start? Well, although there are tons of weight loss programs that exist, it becomes difficult to research and assess them all to see how best they meet your personal needs. You cut through all this and the first right thing to do is consult your primary health care physician. These physicians, through their experiences, are often aware of quite a number of good and bad programs.

Ask your Physician the following Important Questions:

Most people who go about clamoring for a weight loss program don’t actually need one. Experts strongly recommend that you should find time to visit the doctor and ask questions. He/She will give you insight into the following: What is my Body Mass Index (BMI) and why does it matter? What should my weight goal be? Considering my health, what advice do you as a doctor, have for me regarding a Weight Loss Program? And finally what is my Overall Health?

Additionally, a carefully mapped-out program could be requested from a personal trainer or a nutritionist.

For over weight and obese, it is recommended that questions should revolve around herbal and natural remedies, prescription and medications that assist in reducing one appetite to a considerable minimum. In addition, one could also ask if they are candidates for surgical weight loss programs or if trying all dietary and physical means in order to shed excess pounds is the first and best bet.

A Gradual but Healthy Way

A variety of fad diets exist usually consisting of weight supplements and pills in order to help one shed those extra pounds. However, you cannot hang on to those fad diets for too long, because these diets (examples of which include grapefruit and cabbage soup) are designed specifically for short-term use. What they actually do is help one lose water weight while disregarding fat weight.

Then what is the solution? The solution to losing weight efficiently is embarking on a workout and weight loss program that allows for physical activity combined with a healthy and balanced diet. You should also fine-tune eating habits by watching what is eaten and permanently but gradually break free from those bad habits. From my experience this has been the sole reason for failures. Most experts agree that in absence of a closely controlled approach to diet and exercise, success in losing weight on the long term cannot be achieved.

And never underestimate the effect of sensible exercise! It is the magic bullet that will energize your efforts and bring success regardless of the Exercise and Weight Reduction Program your doctor recommends.

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