Ear Pressure Equalizer gives relief for your ears

If you tend to travel a whole lot, chances are you would have gotten used to all the pressure changes during flights, but there are still some of us who find it this pressure change to be extremely disturbing. Here is a tool that will greatly alleviate your discomfort - the Ear Pressure Equalizer. It helps you equalize the pressure that builds up in your ears without resorting to sometimes effective traditional methods like swallowing saliva or yawning, thanks to a tiny pump that creates a vacuum within the outer ear canal, pushing the eardrum back to where it is supposed to be gently.

All you need to do is stick the tube into your ear, push the yellow membrane and watch it do its magic while you can continue with your inflight movie experience in comfort. You can pick up the Ear Pressure Equalizer for slightly more than $60. [via techiediva]

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